Marathonbet limited before betting


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Today I registred and made deposit to
After I made first deposit marathonbet limited me to 1eur.
When I asking-why you limited me,get answer

Your account has been restricted based on a commercial trading decision. This means that we have placed limits on your account and restricted your ability to place bets across certain markets. In some situations, where the total liability we accept is small, that may result in your account not being able to place bets of any value.
Please note that this is covered in our betting rules, which you accepted when you registered an account with us. Please refer to 7.1.9 on

When I try to withdrawl my payout has been cancelled and after I get email

We were unable to process your recent withdrawal request of <INSERT AMOUNT
HERE>. According to our rules depositing and withdrawing funds without placing
a bet, for the sole purpose of accumulating bonus and rewards "air miles", etc.
is strictly forbidden. Your withdrawal request has been cancelled and funds
were returned to your Marathonbet account.

And this company is FC Fulham Main Sponsor???!!!
I will emailed this incident to FC Fulham president,lets see what he answered then...


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Marathonbet has very good odds but limit always the players!!
Maybe someone in your family or friends have another account with them and it use the same ID??


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Even by Marathonbet's standards, this strikes me as pretty unusual. Marathonbet have very low limits and your limits with them will quickly be reduced to almost zero if (a) you place a couple of winning bets, (b) they think you are a 'sharp' player/value hunter or (c) they suspect you of arbitrage betting (although given their extremely low limits, I wouldn't have thought any self-respecting arber would be interested in them). However, it is rare even for them to limit someone to 1 Euro before the customer has even placed a bet - always assuming that neither you nor anyone at your home address have had an account with them before. There is clearly no point in you keeping funds in your account if you are limited to a maximum stake of just 1 Euro. I would suggest you contact them and make it clear to them that you want to withdraw your funds because of the 1 Euro limit which has been imposed on your account and that is why you are seeking to withdraw funds without having placed a bet. If they still won't allow you to withdraw your funds, then I would contact them again and say that, unless they allow you to make the withdrawal, you will contact the Curacao eGaming Licensing Authority (by whom Marathonbet are licensed) about this issue. Unfortunately I don't think you are likely to get any help from this body (if we were talking about who are licensed in Alderney, then it would be a different matter), but the mention of their name might just be enough to persuade Marathonbet to allow you to withdraw your funds.

I have long since walked away from Marathonbet because of their low limits. If and when they allow you to withdraw your funds, I would advise you to do the same. Good luck.


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Marathon bet are notorious second bet limiters (was limited to ~50 pence on my second & final bet last year). Didn't think they would be so cautious as to limit on the very first bet!


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meander81 said:
<p>Didn't think they would be so cautious as to limit on the very first bet!</p>

From what vatsons06 posted it sounds like they limited him before his first bet, suggesting that someone at his home address or using his IP had an account with them before.

vatsons06, can you please confirm whether that was your first account with Marathobet?


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I open untill now more accaunts on my freands,becouse they also closed my first personal accaunt. When i open second accaunt on same PC like i have before first accaunt,i have same situation - 1€ limit in secund. Dont do that,will be 1000% same situation every time.

One time i open it from Internet caffe PC wich is in one betting bar,again 1€ limit,becouse some peaple play already from this PC on Marathon!

Only problems............


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I can confirmed I never had account before,my father dont have account with them and none from my familie had account not in marathonbet not in panbet before.


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vatsons06 said:
<p>I can confirmed I never had account before,my father dont have account with them and none from my familie had account not in marathonbet not in panbet before.</p>

some one has used your computer/tablet/phone to log into their own marathon/panbet account this is 100% marathon are crap for limts in general but they are way ahead of most bookies in terms of customer managment... they link computers and ips in aheart beat so this must be the case here and you just dont know it or you do know it and arent admiting it here.....if that is the case the best thing to do when you find someone to open you a new account(assuming you want to go back, and i suggest you do) get a clean pc/tablet/phone DO NOT log in on anything but the clean devices to make sure you dont lose a clean account so quickly....

as for getting you money out can you not just place 1 eur on something then do the withdraw? all the best my friend, i know the experience and limits are cr@p but they are a great book to use, the inplay is fantastic as well, on a clean account limits will increase closer to the start of events, so keep that in mind....all the best, i sure hope you get your money!