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Someone who has gambled for 30 years needs controls . I asked Leo Vegas to say a £1k limit on my account, per day On many occasions I was allowed to deposit more than the limit including the last day where I deposited £2.3k over the limit I have sent many emails to the support team and ceo with out one response
I find it absolutely disgusting to say the least - how do they promote SAFE Play and conduct their business this way. The integrity of Leo Vegas plus other bookmakers is that of a criminal. I would stay well away from them.

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Savvy66 we hear these issues frequently. Agree that when there are limits in place for both parties (customer and book) they must be enforced. Why? Well the books have no issue limiting you if you are a big winner..so the inverse must be complied with too. If you have a self imposed daily limit in place they need to honour that for your own safety. If you are in need of assistance from us please fill out the complaint form. Thank you


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You bring up one of the toughest ethical issue in the industry.

Do you pay self limited/excluded players for wins or losses outside their requested limit levels.

If that becomes the standard policy it will result in people asking for limits just to attempt to free roll books.

The book should be subject to fines if it does not properly enforce responsible gambling protection rules though.

Maybe submit a complaint to the UKGC asking them to look at doing that?


The book needs to understand people have real issues and need limits put in place and adhered to.


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Thanks for your responses . I have an open case with resolver and Leo Vegas are now looking into it. I will keep you updated.