Intertops limits in mid of RO and steals money from customers


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Apr 30, 2015
Bad experience from Intertops. I don't know what is going on recently, but bookies I considered rock solid (Dafabet, Intertops, etc.) started using tactics of D-rated bookies.
1) Intertops awarded me with 100eur bonus (25%) couple of months ago, after couple of bets they limited me to like 5-10eur per bet. The ROR are something like 4.000 euros (8x deposit + bonus), and I did only like 1000 euros of rollover, so 3000 euros left.
When I complained about this, they basically offered me only to cancel my bonus and allow me to withdraw. I accepted, since it's almost impossible to rollover this amount (600 bets of 5 euros, I don't have time for that).

2) So my account is like 250.64 euros, and I try to withdraw all money, and I get message from the system "You can only withdraw from 10.00 to 250.00 euros", basically systematically stealing 0.64 euros from me, hence from all their customers. I complain on the live chat, and all the customer support say, this is the max amount you can withdraw from your account. I ask for the explanation why I can't withdraw all of my money and all I get is this is how system works. It's obviously not about 0.64 euros, but just - how the hell can they do this?
It is just unbelievable.


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Oct 6, 2014
It may well be that their system only allows withdrawals rounded to the nearest € so your account always has credit in there. I have used a couple of bookies in the past that have had something similar (although they only kept 1p in the account).

As for the bonus - did they pay you pro-rata for the rollover you had completed? They should do this if they limited you.

The bonus is poor, you would have been better not accepting it, could be worse though - dafabet is 40x!!!!

Try issuing a complaint if they didn't pay pro rata for the bonus you did clear. SBR are pretty good at these type of complaints