Payout problem


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Hello! I requested payout via Skrill 23.04.2014. Amount 4164$. It is my first
payout at this bookie. They answered about delays with Scrill payouts, and it
will be process as soon as possible. I contacted with them a few times, and
always answer was the same: "Please be informed we are having delays on
Moneybookers payments and we do not have an exact date for this to go out,
but it will be sent as soon as we can." Last time I sent e-mail to them
20.06.2014 and still no answer. I also asked about other methods of payout
without any answer. I want to notice they didn't asked me for any copies of
documents for verification my account.
Have anybody the same problem? What should I do?

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You can submit a complaint here if you'd like some assistance


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I've waited my money since 18.03 and they told me about delays with Skrill too. Then I asked them about other withdrawal methods and choose transfer to sportsbook. Ask them to transfer your money to Betcris or bookmaker (it costs 45$). It will be more quickly than skrill payout.