How to Find a Good Bookmaker: VIDEO Report

Greetings Bookmakers Reviewers,

Attached below is my first report on how you should go about choosing an online bookie, the things to avoid, and what to expect when dealing with a top website. Please do leave your comments below!


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Thanks,Nat.Bit idealised,though.Sometimes punters run into trouble with even green list bookmakers - as evidenced on the forum.Also there aren't that many green list bookies,and some have country restrictions,or close winning accounts.


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If BMR is going to promote (quite rightly) the importance of the Green, Orange and Red Lists, then isn't it time that those lists were updated? There don't seem to have been any changes to the lists and BMR bookmaker ratings since 2013.
quincunx said:
<p>To be fair,Vietbet,Chinesebookie and Betanysports have appeared on the Green list.</p>
That's right. We will start making news reports and videos to be more transparent, and will be upgrading the modules all around.

Thank you for watching the video!


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Apologies - should have checked the updated Green List this morning before posting. Still think some of the ratings need to be updated, though.