Dafabet customer service not helping and cluless about the betting exchange India


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I have been using Dafabet for around 6 months now but about 3 weeks ago I started experiencing problem of being unable to access my dafabet exchange account.
Being a trader and betfair getting banned in India, this is one of the few ways to trade sports but now even that is gone it seems like.
I can log into my dafabet account fine and wager on their sportsbooks but Whenever I click on exchange, a window pops up with the message "Your account is not able to play exchange, please contact your upline to enable exchange for you."
I have contacted live chat multiple time, emailed helpline about the issue, sent them screenshots but nothing happens.
Problem is technical from their end but they either don't respond after a while or keep asking me to do basic troubleshoot like clearing browser history and changing browsers which upon trying several times doesn't work either as the issue in't because of that.
Their broker or anyone who provides them with exchamge has blocked my account and they don't seems to want to help me
I don't know what to do now


Hi,cricetfreak.Were you making a profit ? If you were,then I'm guessing that their exchange has somebody providing liquidity who doesn't want your bets.


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Their Exchange is powered by betfair like orbit exchange and 9 wickets.
I was doing decent, lose some and win some. It wasn't like I was winning contionously, I have made far greater profits from their sportsbook rather than exchange,But moving forward I wanted to be full time trader trading on an exchange and leave punting.
If I can't access it they should provide me a reason or tell me that exactly but they keep me on either waiting or tell me that their issn't any problem from their end.