Dafa sports stole my bonus


New member
Nov 9, 2018
I deposited 5000rmb into dafabet sports at 2018/10/19 04:36:22 PM Beijing time. They gave me 50% of the first deposit reward. This way my account balance is 7500rmb, which requires 16 times the amount of bet, which is 120000rmb. At 2018/10/28 10:44:59 AM my bet amount has been reached, the button for dafabet withdrawal is not gray, meaning I can withdraw money, I withdraw the 43,783.35rmb in my account. But after four days they refused my withdrawal and canceled all my bonuses, adjusted my account balance to 5000rmb, and they took my 38783.35rmb profit. The reason they gave it was that I abused the bonus, but I didn't, I even almost lost all the money at 22/10/2018. All my betting records are available, and most of my bets are betting. Their statements are irritating. I saw dafabet on the chest advertisement of Premier League Burnley. But the practice of dafabet is irritating and helpless.Out of the mistrust of this bookmaker, I withdrew the remaining RMB 5,000.I really need help,thanks.