Bwin cancelled my bets


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Apr 26, 2014
<strong>My long story short: Bwin cancelled 5 of my winning bets and I have a negative balance.</strong>
<br> : This is a screenshot of my winnings the previous day and I managed to make a withdrawal request.
I only found out there was a problem when I lost my winnings and I deposited £50 but the balance remained at £0.0.
Here is a screen of what has happened :

Which means after doing some calculations I owe them money.
I am really upset of what has happened. There seems no valid reason to cancel the bets as I have placed them during the game correctly and genuinely. I have lost almost all the winnings and all the time wasted on the Bwin site. I don't know what will happen to the withdrawal request as well. Feeling quite miserable. I guess its true - "Gambling can turn into a dangerous two-way street when you least expect it".. Almost always with Bwin.


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Feb 18, 2013
BWIN is gangster bookie! :)
They go on winning accaunts and VOID bets for some days back,with reasone that all bets are VOID becouse some reasone,many time becouse "like" wrong odds! Bath this is not true,some bets are void for all players,buth many many bets they VOID only on ONE profitable accaunt,and you recive no explanation on that if you alone dont contact support....then will you recive answer,that was something wrong with odd,and they can made this under this and this rules,wich have you accepted by registration.

This in BWIN....thief! And they make this every day,void void and void winnings bet for some days back. Do you know,hove mach money they recive on this work?? Milions on month! By you some 400€,by me 600€ and so forward....if they make on one day only 100 accaunt like with yours,can easy void betwen 50,000-100,000€ on such a many players like they have,is this big business!