Bookmaker blocked my betting account


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I have account at I opened my account at October 2012.
I won some sportsbook bets there in sportsbook. I requested and received several withdrawals from my betting account.
I verified my betting account sending my identity document.
I continued to place bets and do withdrawals sometimes. Last month (around 15 December 2012) they blocked my betting account and now I can not log in. They do not explained to me exact reason to block my account. I have 2146 euros balance. Would you assist me, please?


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I have problem with Prasino, too.
They told me to verify the account.
I sent ID. They told me that my account is verified.
But now it is blocked. My account is registered in the beginning of this month.


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I contacted them on 22.12.2012. They told me that maybe the problem is with their provider EveryMatrix NV. They promised me they will contact with me as sonn as possible when they have information from their provider.
But it passed 5 weeks. There is no resolution! I do not know what to do.
I contacted them in the middle of January. They told me the same thing.
Help me, please!

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Did you see this?

Players are welcome to bet with unrated or low-rated bookmakers and not participate to the life of the BMR Community but have to be patient. We'll look into your and every other complaint when we have time.