Betfred refunds on closed accounts


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Apr 17, 2019
im after some advice/insight as to how.long it takes Betfred to refund a balance back to the deposit method after an account has been closed.

Back in November I registered with GamStop and all my accounts had been closed.
End off march this year I had to return an item I purchased off the internet with a copy of the payment receipt.
So I logged into the email address associated to my Paypal account and I found an email from Betfred asking to confirm my ID... Thing was this email account was my payment method for my Account I had closed.
It turned out that someone had opened an account and also used my own PayPal account to place wager's.
Logging into PayPal I see around £500 had left my account in a 48hr period via a credit card I had on the account (statement received last week shows this).
I contact PaypPa as unauthorised transaction - they limit my account until I provide id, verified me and then said the payment was authorised!
I contact Betfred whom refuse to inform myself of the details as the account has not been raised in my name, but stated the account has now been closed and the balance will be refunded to the original deposit method.

Police can't do anything as PaypPa state it was an authorised transaction as does the credit card company.
My only hope is that this remaining balance is recoverable.

Any ideas?

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Mar 21, 2018
Why was the account closed? Lets begin there.


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Nov 20, 2012
Any payment from your Paypal account would require the use of your Paypal password - unless you have agreed to bypass that in some way.Ask Betfred whether they have stored your Paypal password - get them to confirm in writing.If they won't,contact the police about that.
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Jun 4, 2016
You say this all happened at the end of March?

It is not uncommon to take a few weeks for a returned payment to show up on a credit card account.

I think I'd wait a little longer.

And if you do end up needing to complain, I'd suggest leaving out 90% of your story as it is confusing. If Betfred have told you the account is closed and the money is being returned to your account, that's really the only part you need to worry about now. That they honour that promise.