Betfred cancelled placed bet and asking for documents


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I registred in Betfred and placed bet on Englang Premiere.
Ater couple minutes I get email

During our recent security checks we were unable to verify the details against the payment method registered on your account and we have therefore temporarily suspended your account.
It is our policy to protect our customers against any type of online fraud and we would like you to assist us by supplying the following documentation:
1) (1) A clear screenshot of your Ewallet account details page (Moneybookers, Neteller, Paypal, 1tap etc)
2) (1) A clear copy of your passport
3) (1) A clear copy of a recent utility bill

Please send the above mentioned documents to the following e-mail address:
You can be assured that any information will be held securely and in the strictest of confidence.

Please note that for security purposes your bet has been cancelled and your account will remain blocked until we have received all the requested documentation.

Kind regards,

Betfred Fraud Prevention Department

Is it normally that bookie before cancelled bet and after asking for documents?


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Okay unfortunately it seems that your bet was canceled from our security team due to european custom as your details wernt able to be verified so this has been done as a security risk



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It depends on the bookmaker. Most bookmakers will allow you to open an account and bet even if they can't verify your details at the time the account is opened. They will then normally ask you for ID when you request your first withdrawal. Other bookmakers, however, will not allow you to bet until they have verified your details. For what it's worth, I think this second approach is the more reputable, even though it can cause players a great deal of inconvenience and can lead to bets being refused or voided until the account holder's details have been verified.


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Dont agree. Yes,bookies asking documents after registration but no one cancelled placed bet,it is not normally.Betfred is one of bigest and reputeable bookie but this is Nsomthing unprecedented!!
Trevrizent,do you know one more bookies who cancelled bet after you placed it and asking for documents.I know coral asking for documents after registration but dont cancelled placed placed bet.
One more thing-after I sent document and try to placed same bet my account was limited....
My advice-dont using because he is unpredictable...