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I bet today soccer u19 Italia-Malta...4 bets...on 1 half and on end,under over bets...

15,22 i placed 300€ on under 1,5 goals on 1.half
15,24 i placed 150€ on 0,5 goals on 1.half
15,26 i placed 300€ on under 4,5 goals on match
15,26 i placed again 100€ on under 1,5 goals on 1.half

Resultat was 1:0 on halftime and 2:0 full time i winn 3 bets and lost 1....buth:

Bet at 15,22 they make VOID,wich was WINN
Bet at 15,24 they LEAVE LOST,this bet was LOST
Both bets at 15,26 was also VOID,wich must be WINN

Can someone explain to me,how is this possible before i wrote there. Hase someone some simulares problem with this bookie....i check now little and on some sites players wrote that BaH many times wait untill end of halftime or match...and if they lost money they make VOID...if players lost money they leave LOST i see its true,buth this is clear cheating!
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Hi please fill out this complaint form and we will look into this for you.