2,000 candidates apply for five jobs in Italy's public sector

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Mar 21, 2018
Jobs in Italy's public sector are so sought-after that candidates flock from across the country to go through a gruelling selection process.

This Wednesday, 824 nervous applicants, most of them young university graduates, were whittled down to around 500 in a gruelling process to get a job as a nurse.
Over 2,000 people in total applied for just five nurse positions on the outskirts of Turin.
They arrived in the morning, sat one test and then, if successful, sat another in the afternoon.

The five nursing jobs around Turin offer an monthly gross salary of €1,890 but candidates are really competing for what is perceived as a "job for life" in an unstable economic climate.

Nealy one in five young Italians are neither employed, job-seeking, nor in full-time study, according to a European Commission report released in July 2017.

With the burden of unemployment weighing heavy on many of Italy's young people, job seekers will continue to go through tests like the one in Turin to obtain a permanent contract in the public sector.


Mar 23, 2018
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