188bet dont want to pay me my money! What to do?


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So I made a withdrawal on 29th of April and haven't received my funds since then. They gave me transaction number but neither my bank nor Visa can find that number. Obviously because it does not exist and because they have never made the payment to my card.

Talking with them was useless all this time. Their support is slow and stupid, on purpose I guess. My bank have contacted their bank 3 weeks ago, I dont know the current status on that, but I guess nothing will happen.

So I'm wondering if there is any way to get my money back? The money Ive earned. Like I said, there is a proof from Visa and my bank that the transaction DOES NOT exist.



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I think you are almost certainly right in thinking that this transaction was never processed. These days I just don't see how any transaction of this kind could be processed and then just disappear into thin air leaving no trace or record of what has happened to the funds you withdrew. Before you do anything else, however, I would check again with your bank and with Visa just to make sure that nothing has come to light. If they still can't trace the transaction, then I think that represents proof that no such transaction ever existed. The question then is why 188Bet did not process your withdrawal request. It's just possible that there has been a glitch in their system and the withdrawal was inadvertently overlooked. I think you should contact them one more time and see whether you can make any progress with them. If they can't or won't help, then you should make a complaint against them to new BMR using the sticky at the head of the list of forum threads and also contact their regulator, the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (www.gov.im/gambling/players.xml), via the complaints form on the IoM GSC's website.