12bet closed account


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Dear All,
first I would like to apologize about my english because it's not good enough. I open an account with 12bet about a month ago and deposit 50GBP in it. I decide to try them because they have some 50GBP free bet bonus and also their logo is all over the Premier League stadiums. So my opinion was that I open an account with serious sportsbook. After I place 5 bets I contact them via live chat and ask them how can I claim for a free bet bonus. They explaine me that I should send them the standart for all bookmakers documents( photo of some ID proof as passport, ID card or Driving Licence and photo of some address proof as bank statement or utility bill) and I send them clear photo of my ID card which is greek one and photo of some water bill from about a month ago. After one week without any answer from them I contact them on live chat and explaine them about my case and the answer was that I will got an e-mail up to 48h. After few more days and still no e-mails at all I contact them on live chat again and the operator after 15-20 minutes waiting explaine me that my account is permanent closed and all of my balance money are confiscated. That was all that operator could explaine me. I got 130 GBP in my account which is not so much, but are they have right to do that? Can I contact with any lawyer or something? I want as many people to know about my case and If You can give me some advice how to pressed them please go ahead!


Not worth a lawyer as the sum is too small.They must have a problem with the ID you provided.Try one more email,then if they don't reply contact NewBMR using the sticky at the top of the Forum page.