#10Bets Challenge - 10 to 100

TeamBankroll Alex

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#10Bets challenge aims to turn 10 USD/EUR to 100 USD/EUR in 10 successful consecutive football bets (or less).

The idea of the 10 to 100 #10Bets Challenge is to bet on low odds bets which I think have a very high chance of winning. Start with 10 and put all winnings onto the next bet until we reach 100.

We will start with 2 Challenges in the same time cause we have a week full of action in the European Leagues and Cups.

Challenge A: 1st bet - Tottenham to win at 1.57

Challenge B: 1st bet - Sevilla Double Chance at 1.5



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what a fun challenge ;)
for today
challenge A: 1st bet: Bayern to win @1.65
challenge B: 1st bet: Tottenham to win @1.55


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Challenge A - Bayern Munich to win 1.7
Challenge B - Barcelona to win 1.7

Domestic Kings will not lose today!


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lost my one bet because of Spurs already
... but I will continue the other one
challenge A: 2nd bet: 16.50€ on Valencia to win @1.5