Why Jake Paul Is The Betting Favorite Against Mike Tyson

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Oct 20, 2021
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Why Jake Paul Is The Betting Favorite Against Mike Tyson

Why Jake Paul Is The Betting Favorite Against Mike Tyson© Provided by TheSportster
  • Iron Mike Tyson faces Jake Paul this summer as an underdog due to age and Paul's recent activity, making the fight unpredictable.
  • Tyson's impressive knockout record intimidates opponents despite age, training hard for a challenging comeback after a long period of inactivity.
  • Both fighters will use heavier gloves than usual in their upcoming match, creating more powerful and thrilling boxing exchanges for fans to enjoy.
Some might be stunned to learn that Mike Tyson isn't the favorite against Jake Paul this summer. Also, known as Iron Mike, he has gone 50-6 in his professional boxing career, and at one point, was considered the baddest man on the planet by many.


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But the early odds favor The Problem Child -178, according to FanDuel.

Why Mike Tyson Is The Underdog​

The Age And Activity Difference​

  • Tyson is 30 years older than Paul.
  • Paul has appeared in 10 matches since 2020, while Iron Mike only fought once.
  • Of the nine wins, The Problem Child has six knockouts.
Now, there are a few reasons Tyson (+138) isn't given the edge despite his legacy. Number one and most obvious is his age. The 57-year-old is 30 years older than Paul. It's a big disadvantage in combat sports, as it's a young man's game. Typically, older fighters regress and slow down, whether that's related to punching power or speed.

Also, you have to consider recent activity, which favors Paul. The Problem Child, since making his professional debut in 2020, has appeared in 10 fights, going 9-1. Of his victories, six of them have been by knockout. Former UFC fighters Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley, have been victims of Paul's right hand.

Tyson, meanwhile, hasn't appeared in a boxing ring since 2020, when he fought Roy Jones Jr. While he had his moments, out-striking his opponent 67-37, keep in mind that it was an exhibition. The fight against Paul will be a professional fight – something that Tyson hasn't appeared in since 2005. Since it will go towards both official fighters' records, it won't be as friendly as an exhibition. So, in a sense, it's almost two decades of inactivity when you think of it for Iron Mike. And the quickness and knockout power that Tyson is set to face is a concern.

Don't Count Iron Mike Out​

The Reason Why He's Only A Slight Underdog​

  • Tyson has recorded a knockout in 78.6 percent of his boxing matches.
While age and recent activity favor The Problem Child, you rule out Tyson getting his hand raised. There's a reason why the former Heavyweight champion is only a slight underdog and not a +800.


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Firstly, Tyson's resume speaks for itself. When he was the holder of the Heavyweight title, he successfully defended it 10 times. And of the 50-plus wins, the Brooklyn native recorded a knockout in 78.6 percent of them. While the same punching power might not be there, the recent training footage posted is impressive. He certainly still looks like he's in great shape for his age. Tyson is dangerous, and it's a fight that Paul can't take lightly.

Tyson vs. Paul Prediction, Rules, And Event Info​

Big Combat Sports Names Weigh In​

  • Joe Rogan isn't concerned about Tyson's age.
  • Both fighters will use 14-ounce gloves, which differ from the traditional 10-ounce ones.
But we have predicted that Paul would find his way to victory. It won't be via knockout – but The Problem Child will be the obvious winner and control most of the activity in the fight.

Additionally, big names in combat sports have weighed in with their opinions, including UFC commentator Joe Rogan.

“When they were training Mike for that Roy Jones fight they were using state-of-the-art science," the 56-year-old said on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience.


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I don’t give a f*** if he’s 55 years old that guy will hurt you. If Jake Paul’s on the other side of the ring and he sees Mike Tyson just f***ing bobbing and weaving, he’s going to have a recognition. He’s going to look over and go, ‘Oh my God, that’s really Mike Tyson.’”

Meanwhile, former boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua favors The Problem Child.

Along with the match counting against each combatant's records, boxing fans will want to keep a couple of other rules in mind. The biggest one is the two have agreed to wear 14-ounce gloves versus the traditional 10-ounce ones. Lighter gloves usually result in quicker and more powerful strikes. Another thing to note is the fight will feature eight two-minute rounds.

Boxing fans with a Netflix subscription can watch the match, which will take place at AT&T Stadium, on July 20.