Sporting Options rescue package

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To apply for the Sporting Options Rescue Package, please follow these 4 steps:
1. Register as a Betfair Customer. If you already have a Betfair account there is no need to open another one.

2. Login to the Sporting Options site as normal (with your Sporting Options Username & Password) at Then enter your Betfair Username or TAN in the field clearly marked. This will allow us to correctly link your Sporting Options account with your Betfair account.

3. Complete and sign the Betfair Rescue Package Application Form. Please ensure that you attach all requested Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation to ensure your application is processed as quickly as possible. The Application Form can be downloaded from KYC documentation is not required if you have already provided this information to Betfair.

4. Send your application by post to: “Sporting Options Rescue Package”, Betfair, Waterfront, Chancellors Road, London, W6 9HP, UK. Only original signed applications sent by post will be accepted.