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There is nothing like watching the Boys of Summer when the weather turns cold because that’s when the playoffs roll around and the World Series looms large. If you are a baseball fan then Bookmakers Review is command central for those who enjoy using their knowledge to analyze the matchups and making their bookies pay! In short, you have come to the right place and below we will tell you why. 

Unlike many sites that give only stagnant lines from one online sportsbook, Bookmakers Review has a dynamic platform that lists the very best online sportsbooks in the industry displaying MLB odds and World Series odds that are reflected in real-time. 

Our users get a bird’s eye look at which lines are moving and which of the best online sportsbooks are moving them. Are you a steam player that follows the crowd or do you wait until the MLB odds move so far that you take advantage of all that value inherent in a low-priced favorite or an inflated number on an underdog? 

And here’s one more thing. Bookmakers Review, aka BMR, allows our users to configure the order of the online sportsbooks on our site. That’s right, you are in the driver’s seat and you can arrange it so that your favorite sportsbook is the first one in line followed by the rest in order of preference - not ours, yours! 

Alright, so now that you have the lowdown, let’s talk about betting baseball and how to read the World Series odds before the season starts, and the adjusted World Series odds as the season progresses. Obviously, BMR posts the daily MLB odds of each game played during the regular season, playoffs, and, yes, the World Series. 

Making a wager on a game is exciting but predicting which team will hoist the Commissioner’s Trophy in October before a regular-season game is played provides action all season long. If you’re new to betting baseball, and any of this is even remotely confusing, fear not, because we have all the answers to your many questions. Without further delay, let’s get to it and talk about betting baseball! 

Make an MLB Bet in March and Cash in October 

All of the best online sportsbooks deal World Series odds before a regular-season pitch is tossed. This allows bettors to examine the rosters, the strengths, the weaknesses, and early season injuries to every MLB club and choose which team, or teams, have the best chance to win it all and bring World Series glory to their hometown. 

On BMR’s dynamic platform you will see the World Series odds from multiple online sportsbooks and it is totally up to you as to which club is worth betting. Entering this season, the 2021 World Series odds were available for all to see, and teams like the Dodgers (+350), Yankees (+550), Padres (+800), and White Sox (+850) were among the favorites right before Opening Day. In fact, every team is listed, and just because the season starts doesn’t mean our cadre of online sportsbooks pulls their lines. No, as April turns into May the lines will fluctuate depending on how well, or poorly, each team is doing. It is akin to the stock market; teams have their ups and downs but it is up to you to determine when the time is right to buy. 

Oh, and if you are unsure as to what those World Series odds mean then allow us to show you how simple it is to read them. For instance, at the beginning of the season, we told you the Dodgers were the favorites at +350. Keep in mind, all of these odds are based on a $100 wager. 

Therefore, if you were to put $100 on Big Blue to win the 2021 World Series and you were proven correct, you would make $350 and get your initial investment of $100 returned, bringing you a payout of $450 ($350 + $100). Simple, right? 

But as we stated, the World Series odds will change depending on each team’s performance. After about six weeks into the season, the Boston Red Sox are exceeding all expectations and have gone from +5000 before the season began to approximately +1800. That means if you bet Boston before the season, a crisp $100 bill will return $5000 if the BoSox win it all. 

But now that they have roared to the top of the AL East, at least for the time being, bettors have jumped all over Alex Cora’s crew which has brought their World Series odds way down to the point where that same $100 bill, crisp or not, will now pay you $1800 if they win it all. 

But the World Series odds never stand still and at Bookmakers Review, you can see those line fluctuations in real-time with not one, but all of the best online sportsbooks in one place! Now that you know about futures betting – which not only includes odds for the winner of the World Series but are also available for the AL and NL pennant winners, as well as division winners – let’s talk about more conventional betting. 

MLB Money Lines

There are 30 teams in the major leagues and each one plays a 162-game schedule which means there are a total of 4,860 games over the course of an MLB season. And guess which site has the MLB odds on every single one of those games from all of the best online sportsbooks? 

Well, hopefully, you are a quick study and you answered Bookmakers Review because we not only have all the lines to every game but they are updated in real-time! You won’t find any stale numbers at this site because this is where the pros come to scout the games, check out the odds, and make beaucoup dough! 

Let’s give an example of an actual game and discuss the closing MLB odds associated with that particular contest. Back on May 10th, 2021 the Cincinnati Reds invaded the Steel City to take on the Pittsburgh Pirates. If you checked out the MLB odds right before the game went live, you would have seen a moneyline that looked exactly like this at one of the top sportsbooks on our site: Cincinnati -154/ Pittsburgh +144. 

Because every line is based on a $100 bet (BTW you don’t have to bet $100, you can bet more or less but your wager and return will be a derivative of a $100 wager) the -154 simply means if you wanted to bet the Reds it would cost you $154 to win $100 because they were a fairly sizeable favorite. However, if you believed there was real value to the underdog Pirates, playing at home, then you would bet $100 to win $144. 

Thus, when you see a – sign that means you are betting the favorite but if you see a + sign, that indicates the underdog. And by the way, the Reds crushed the Pirates, 14-1, so all of those chalk eaters (people who love to bet favorites) went home happy and cashed their MLB picks

MLB Run Lines

Moneylines are not the only way to bet a baseball game. Those who don’t like risking much more than they can win on a favorite or bettors who want a head start will gravitate towards the run line. In essence, a run line operates like a point spread in football or basketball. The conventional run line is 1 ½ which means a bettor can bet the favorite -1 ½ runs or the underdog +1 ½ runs. 

In the Cincinnati/Pittsburgh game, we referenced above the moneyline was Reds -154/Pirates +144. However, the run line was Reds -1 ½ (+115)/Pirates +1 ½ (-135). Don’t fade on us, you’ve got this, just stick with it, it’s easy. 

Simply put if you bet the Reds, you would be laying 1 ½ runs but $100 would win you $115 if the Reds won the game by 2 or more runs (notice the +115 in parentheses next to the -1 ½). Conversely, if you bet the Pirates +1 ½ runs you would have to risk $135 (notice the -135 in parentheses next to the +1 ½), and if the Pirates won the game outright, or lost by one run, you would win $100. 

As we know by now, the Reds easily covered the run line because they defeated the Pirates, 14-1, which means the score was 14 to 2 ½ (1 + 1 ½) if you add the head start Pittsburgh was getting. If you have concluded that the run line is a bit of a combination between the point spread and the moneyline then you are on the right track! 

MLB Totals 

What are totals, you ask? Well, if you know how to add then it’s a breeze. In the Reds/Pirates game the total was 7 ½, which means the MLB odds offered by the books allowed you to bet over or under 7 ½ combined runs scored. That’s why bettors often refer to totals as the “over/under”. 

All you do is add up the total amount of runs scored by both teams, including extra innings if there are any, and that’s your total. In the example above, the Reds and Pirates combined for a whopping 15 runs, with Cincinnati doing all of the whooping in that whopping number, which means all of those who figured this was not going to be a low scoring game cashed their tickets with over the posted total of 7 ½ because 15 is greater than 7 ½. Much greater. 

Choose Sportsbooks Wisely When Betting MLB

One of the biggest advantages of hanging out at Bookmakers Review is that all of the hard work has been done for you. You see, BMR prides itself on allowing only the most reputable and trustworthy online sportsbooks to display their MLB odds and World Series odds on this site. These are all vetted and proven sportsbooks that all pass the golden rule – they pay. And they don’t dilly dally because when a customer wants a payout they don’t like waiting. 

And while getting paid in a timely manner is the most important quality of a premier sportsbook, there are other factors to consider as well. The books at BMR have a track record of exemplary customer service, a myriad of betting options, mobile-friendly platforms, and an easy-to-navigate dashboard. 

People scouring the internet looking for World Series odds from a reliable and trustworthy sportsbook never really know what they are getting. The industry is loaded with nefarious books that will make it easy to deposit your money but impossible to get it back when you want it. What good is that? But here at Bookmakers Review, we have done all the leg work and have assembled the consummate collection of the best online sportsbooks on the planet. 

You can’t go wrong with any of the books you find at Bookmakers Review. They are all unique but have one thing in common. You guessed it – they pay when asked. It is impossible to overstate that especially when so many people have gotten stiffed from books they believed were trustworthy because they got a recommendation from a friend. Little did they know their buddy had never asked for a payout because, well, he’s not very good at picking winners. But then again, you already knew that, didn’t you?! 

In short, it is okay to sweat the game but never the payout!