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country-accepted-icon Costa Rica CR Sports Bettors Accepted

BetPanther Review

by Bookmakers Review | Updated October 15, 2023
About PantherSports

PantherSports has been online since 2003. The sportsbook holds a BMR rating of 5.8.  New registrations are offered a 100% Free Play. The sportsbook is headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Players can contact PantherSports via email at csd@betpanther.com.

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Rating: 5.8

Our Verdict

An unheralded sports betting site that is not accepting new customers.

BetPanther is an offshore betting site based in Costa Rica. According to the BMR archive, it has been online since 2003.

This sportsbook holds a D+ rating. That means it is not blacklisted, but you should proceed with caution. D and D+ rated sportsbooks are known to offer slower payouts than higher-rated sites, and in almost all cases give winning players a hard time.

We recommend avoiding this site and signing up with one of our A+ or A-rated sportsbooks instead. Operators such as Bookmaker.eu, Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline and BetAnySports consistently deliver a reliable service, quick payments and a strong user experience.

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country-accepted-icon Costa Rica CR Sports Bettors Accepted

BetPanther Reputation

BetPanther is a relatively unknown quantity. It has not received any feedback from bettors on the BMR forum, and you will not find any customer reviews of it on sites like Reddit either.

Our D+ rating is mainly based on the poor quality of the website and the lack of information provided. It has no discernible history of paying customers out on time or grading bets fairly, so we cannot vouch for the site.

BetPanther Security and User Experience

When you land on the BetPanther website, you will see a toolbar menu with eight options: Home, Sportsbook, RaceBook, Casino, Agents, Schedule, Matchups and Rules. If you click on the “Sportsbook” option, you will receive a 404 message, explaining that the resource has been removed. You can’t browse through a selection of matches for any sport, whereas most online sports betting sites will have a working sportsbook with options from football and esports to golf and MMA.

The racebook section offers some generic information about betting on the horses, and it offers a glossary of horse racing terms, but it does not show any current races. The casino page promises roulette, slots, blackjack, video slots and more, but there are no details of any games.

The “Agents” section requires a login, while the schedule and matchups sections are empty. The rules section provides more generic sports betting rules and breaks down popular bet types, but it does not appear to be tailored to BetPanther.

Signing Up with BetPanther

There is no option to sign up for an account with BetPanther online. The wagering number listed at the top of the homepage is the phone number for another sportsbook, HorizonSports.eu, and the agent on the end of the line did not know anything about registering with BetPanther.

As such, you cannot sign up for an account with BetPanther, and we would not recommend registering with this sportsbook even if it does re-emerge at some point. There are lots of highly-rated, reputable online sports betting sites that you can use instead. Bookmaker, Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline and BetAnySports offer a simple sign-up process, they grade bets fairly and they pay out in full, as they are legit sportsbooks.

While BetPanther has not generated negative feedback, there is little about the site that instills confidence in its general reliability or security. Avoid this sportsbook and check out our top-rated sites instead.

Other Betting Options Offered by BetPanther

As mentioned earlier, the site advertises a racebook and a casino. However, both sections are simply filled with generic information about betting on horse races or casino services, and there is no way to examine a list of races to bet on or a portfolio of casino games to play.

Alternatives to BetPanther

You cannot currently create an account with BetPanther, and there is no telling if it will relaunch in the future. If you would like to bet on sports, horse races and casino games online, we can recommend several high-quality sites:

  • Bookmaker | A famous offshore sportsbook with a reputation for offering the earliest lines on the market. It accepts professional bettors and recreational bettors alike, providing appealing odds and a simple, accessible user experience.
  • Heritage Sports | An A+ rated sportsbook that offers reduced juice betting lines and a generous cashback program. This is also a great option for live betting, and it has a comprehensive casino and a full-service sportsbook.
  • Bovada | An impressive online sportsbook offering a huge range of props and some great features. It has low rollover requirements on its bonuses, and the loyalty program is excellent. You can play casino games, enter poker tournaments and bet on horse races too.
  • BetOnline | An offshore betting site that offers same-day crypto payments. It has very high limits, large promos and opinionated lines, and it also offers live streaming within the in-game betting section. It also offers an online casino, racebook and poker room.

FAQs – BetPanther

How long has BetPanther Sportsbook been in business?

BetPanther has been online since 2003, according to the BMR archives. It is an offshore betting site based in Costa Rica. This sportsbook holds an underwhelming D+ rating with BMR, so we suggest using one of our A+ or A-rated sports betting sites instead.

Does BetPanther Sportsbook offer in-play betting options?

We could not find any evidence of in-play betting options when we visited BetPanther’s site. The sportsbook platform currently appears to be down, and it is not accepting customers right now. There is no sign-up form to fill in, and the phone number listed on the homepage is for another sportsbook – HorizonSports.eu.

Does BetPanther Sportsbook have mobile betting capabilities?

You can access BetPanther.com from your mobile device, but it is not accepting new customers, and it is not optimized for mobile play. We recommend using a more established, reputable mobile sportsbook, such as Bookmaker, BetOnline, Bovada or Heritage Sports.

How can I deposit funds into my BetPanther Sportsbook account?

BetPanther Sportsbook does not offer any information about how to make a deposit. We would advise readers to avoid this site, and to make a deposit at an A+ or A-rated sportsbook instead, such as Heritage Sports, Bookmaker, Bovada, BetOnline or BetAnySports.

What are the minimum deposit requirements for BetPanther Sportsbook?

The deposit requirements would depend on the method used. You could try to contact customer service to discuss a deposit, but the site does not offer any information about payments and there is no way to sign up for a new account right now.