The Gambling Bill did not take on the prohibition stance

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Conservative MP John Greenway said on Wednesday that, while chairing the pre-legislative scrutiny stage on the Gambling Bill, the committee had been approached by several EU member states seeking to insert legislation that would bar UK-based operators from taking bets from overseas residents.

Greenway revelead that he was encouraged by the Government\’s stance on remote gambling.

In the meantime, the Gambling Bill received its second reading in the Lords. Lord McIntosh, the minister responsible for gambling regulation, announced some further amendments.

“Technology is racing ahead of the law and the need for new protections grows ever more urgent. If it\’s not gambling on Internet casinos, it\’s on roulette machines in bookmakers, through interactive TV, on betting exchanges or on mobile phones. We are unable to meet this challenge without modernizing the out of date laws that govern gambling today. That\’s why the Gambling Bill is so important,” Andrew McIntosh said.