The Australian Racing Board has identified 25 flaws in the Betting Exchange Bill

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Andrew Harding, Chief Executive of the ARB, said the examination of the Betting Exchange Bill found more than 25 flaws, drafting errors, omissions and implementation problems.

The former Victorian Government Solicitor-General Douglas Graham, in his role as legal advisor for the ARB, stated that if the bill was passed, betting exchanges could become “magnets for criminal and other undesirable activity” in both Tasmania and other states.

His main concern is poor drafting, which does not properly define offences.

Tasmanian Premier Paul Lennon dismissed the legal opinion and said that he does not expect it to influence legislative councillors who may debate the bill this week.

“I\’m absolutely certain that when the legislative councillors come to consider the legislation they will consider it on its merits, our arguments are very strong on probity and integrity in particular and I\’m certain they won\’t be intimidated and threatened into a decision,” he said.

Betfair spokesman Andrew Twaits said the ARB seems determined to ignore the fact that the proposed Tasmanian legislation provides unprecedented levels of probity protection and information disclosure.

He said stewards around the country would have real-time access to betting records and customer details.

“The ARB would be well advised to spend its time and money looking at ways to improve the integrity management on other betting platforms rather than waste one more day pushing its anti-competitive agenda,” he added.