Seven per cent of Americans have gambled online

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According to a new study from research firm Directions Research, 67 per cent of Americans over 18 last year have gambled on casino games, card games or sports.

Of that group, 77 per cent said they gambled at a casino, 18 per cent gambled at a race track, 10 per cent gambled online, 7 per cent gambled at a church and 4 per cent used a local bookie.

Thirty per cent of those who gambled said they bet on sports, with football and horse racing being the preferred choices.

The study, which has been published by In Business Las Vegas, a sister pubblication of the Las Vegas Sun, is free of potential bias as it was not commissioned by a gambling company or by an industry organization.

“Nationwide we like to gamble. It crosses age, sex and regional boundaries,” said Randy Brooks, Directions Research President.