PokerStars appointed headhunters to find a CEO to run the company from the Isle of Man

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The world\’s second largest internet poker company announced plans to move its operations to the Isle of Man later this year, ahead of a possible London listing.

The key factors in PokerStars\’ decision to move from Costa Rica were the removal by the Isle of Man of rules barring companies from accepting poker bets from US residents and the recent changes to the duty regime, including the scrapping of corporation tax from April next year.

“There are a lot of reasons for moving to the Isle of Man, which provides PokerStars with a base for European expansion. But it would also suggest to me that an IPO was probably on the cards,” said Alun Bowden, editor of eGaming Review.

Bill Mummery, the head of e-gaming development for the Isle of Man, said he could not comment on suggestions that PokerStars might be considering an initial public offering. But he said that moving to a jurisdiction with strong financial and risk controls would help companies raising capital or going to the financial markets.