IGC terminates membership of Gambling Federation

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The Interactive Gaming Council terminated by unanimous vote the membership of the Gambling Federation and accepted the resignation of Flaviano Fogli, which serves as GF\’s CEO, from its Board of Directors.

Gambling Federation had installed malware in its software that players downloaded to enable play at certain casino sites. When installed, the malicious software prevented the players from accessing three specific casinos that had been involved in an earlier dispute with Gambling Federation.

“The actions of Gambling Federation jeopardized the integrity of the entire industry. The act hasn’t just prevented a competitor from getting a few visitors; rather it has shown the general public one more example of how vulnerable each individual’s computer and personal data are to attack and interception,” said Mark Stone, Chairman of the IGC.

“Causing someone to download intrusive software onto his or her personal computer is totally unacceptable by anyone, under any conditions. I am saddened that this was done by an IGC member, and I apologize to our many upstanding members and to the online gaming public,” said Rick Smith, Executive Director of the IGC.