Green and Orange lists updates

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Canbet, Expekt, BetJamaica (Olympic Sports), World Wide Tele Sports and World Sports Exchange included in the Green list.

5Dimes and Bodog considered for the Green list.

Sportbet redeemed from the Orange list.

BCN, Betclass and GolfingGods added to the Orange list.

BCN cancelled wagers on future bets claiming “bad line” rule despite the lines were moved twice.

BetClass paid a customer after a five-week slow pay, which was magnified by the lack of answers from the customer service.

GolfingGods cancelled winning wagers and is currently slow paying customers.

Players report difficulties to access Pointbet\’s website, which has been working with intermittence for the past few weeks.

More and more complaints from unsatisfied BetandWin customers, which despite reporting a phenomenal grow in profits, keeps on offering an absurd level of customer service. The Austrian bookmaker has one of the higher gross winning margin in the online sports betting industry, but seems only interested in investing money in sponsorships or promotions to reactivate customers who had become inactive. Maybe they should simply ask themselves why the customers stop playing with them.