Five Greeks arrested on charges of conducting illegal bets for BetandWin

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Five employees of a Greek advertising agency who had been carrying out promotion activities on behalf of BetandWin at a Car Exhibition in Athens were arrested on November 9 and interrogated for a period of almost 24 hours.

OPAP, the sole authorized provider of sports betting in Greece, said that it will continue to fight illegal betting activity in Greece and to co-operate with the Electronic Crime Department of the Chief Police Headquarters in an effort to protect investors and shareholders\’ interests.

Earlier in July, the Greece\’s betting monopoly was granted a temporary injunction to stop local sports newspapers, FOS TON SPOR, SPORTIME and GOAL NEWS, from promoting and advertising foreign companies offering fixed odds betting services and products.

BetandWin said the events in Greece have made it abysmally clear where the unholy alliance between politics and justice can lead when it comes to protectionist measures designed to safeguard non EU-conform games of chance monopolies.

The Austrian bookmaker called for a dependable European legal framework and said to be examining far-reaching legal measures against this background of gross disregard for prevailing EU legislation and human rights in general.