Co-operating against corruption and match-fixing

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UEFA has signed an agreement with Betfair which will entitle the European football\’s governing body to request information on betting patterns to help identify individuals behind suspicious betting activity. 

The accord comes amid a widening investigation into a match-fixing scandal in Germany, a year before the World Cup is due to be held there. The improved co-operation between UEFA and Betfair means that those involved in corruption or the arranging of matches and results will be easier to track down.  

UEFA said in a statement that the objective of the accord is “to monitor football betting with the aim of ensuring the continued integrity of European football”.

“As the market-leading betting exchange, Betfair are uniquely placed to monitor the football-betting market and to assist UEFA in case of suspicious betting patterns,” UEFA said.

“We are delighted to be able to add this agreement to those we already have with the governing bodies of sport,” said Betfair\’s CEO Stephen Hill. “Working closely with sporting regulators, and allowing them access to the information we have, is the best way to ensure that sport is kept free of crime. Betfair has no vested interest in the outcome of any event and our interests are absolutely in line with those who run the events. This is good news for the integrity of sport.”