British Casinos & Sportsbooks Eye America’s Untapped Gambling Scene


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Mar 6, 2018
British casinos & sportsbooks eye America’s untapped gambling scene

British sportsbook William Hill has been around since 1934. In that time, William Hill has become one of the world’s leaders in sportsbooks and online gaming.

According to Bloomberg, William Hill owns and runs over 25 per cent of all brick and mortar betting shops in the United Kingdom. Punters can wager on sports or play casino games in these shops. The company features even more casino games and sports betting via its website, and it attracts punters from all over England.

William Hill provides great offers and punters can get a bonus code for all British casinos to play their favourite games with the sportsbook.

Since 2012, William Hill has made a push into the United States’ sports betting and casino industry. At one time, William Hill was only a British-based company and it ruled the market, but now the betting house has made major in-roads to Nevada – the USA’s betting mecca.

Nevada is home to 190 casino sportsbooks. William Hill now operates over 50% of all casino sportsbook in the state. Nevada as a whole makes around $250 million from the sports betting market; and William Hill pockets 30% of that figure.

William Hill’s Las Vegas gamble has paid off for the company. The British gaming company’s decision to go into Las Vegas will be seen as a major miss for other sportsbooks from the UK. Paddy Power, Bet365 and other major players stuck to their home markets while William Hill got in on the US sports betting scene. Nevada is the only US state in which sports betting is legal. Sports punters flock to the state and to its main city, Las Vegas, to partake in the activity.

According to, Nevada set a record in 2017 for the amount of money wagered and lost on sports. A reported $4.8 billion was wagered in the American state and $248.7m was won by sportsbooks.

The amount of money set by one state alone shows the potential of sports betting in the US. The country has the potential to top England and other European countries in the amount of money generated due to sports and casino betting. Although more and more casinos are popping up in the US, casino sportsbooks are nonexistent.

A William Hill spokesman told Bloomberg that the market will open up in the US soon, and more casino sportsbooks and traditional casinos will be created across the country. When the laws are changed, more British-based casino companies and sportsbooks will be hungry for a piece of the action. William Hill has already laid a claim, however, thanks to its presence in Las Vegas.

In 2017, it was reported that British casinos, gambling websites and sportsbooks took in about £14 billion. With Nevada able to take in over a quarter of that figure, many of the British casinos will be turning their attention to the American market, if sports betting and casinos become commonplace throughout the country.

Right now, America’s professional sports leagues and National Collegiate Athletic Association stand in sports betting’s way. Until they back down, British casinos and betting houses will have to wait to invade the country.
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Mar 23, 2018
WH saw the future in the US and now are reaping the rewards of the punters there.