Tempter bots at Betdaq


I went to place a bet today on Dunfermline to beat Airdrie at half-time and at full-time.I tried to place it on the Betdaq exchange.A friend had warned me that sometimes betting bots can see you coming if you place your cursor over the price you want to take on an exchange.So I clicked on an inferior price instead,and then edited the odds.
Everything went fine until I clicked to confirm the bet,at which instant the odds changed and my bet,which should have been matched,wasn't.
Anything that knew that I had clicked to confirm /place the bet,could only have known through Betdaq's system.In other words,someone with access to their house 'bot was tempting me with offers that I couldn't actually take,presumably in the hope that I would then accept inferior odds.
If Betdaq let this practice continue,they will alienate their customers.It's like putting sale offers in a shop window and then refusing to sell the goods at that price.


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I have seen that with Betdaq. Also, showing great odds on the odds comparison sites, and the bet available at those "great" odds are minuscule.

BetChronicle has closed earlier this year and Betdaq are in talks to sell up to Ladbrokes for around 30 million EUR. I think that is a sign that they are struggling. If Betdaq could not increase its market share and dent Betfairs dominance in the past 12-months, then alarm bells should ring.


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Well Pier wrote a few articles on this and Ladbrokes have tried before to buy Betdaq.

Recently BMR published: http://www.bookmakersreview.com/bookmakers-rating-news/888-looking-take-over-sports-betting-operation/48057

Pier says that 888 are in the frame as well. Rank is also reconsidering its online operation in the form of Blue Square - who 888 may buy (and they are a Blue Square skin). Quite a few takeovers happening and happened in the past couple of years. Sportingbet, Betsafe, Nordicbet, Bet24 etc.

The FT published the Ladbrokes possibly buying Betdaq news also: