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I have entered william hills free to enter promotion the bonus drop since it started 14th October 2019 every day I supposedly win on average 2 or 3 times a week which works out between 32 & 48 times since it started and never have I won anything free it is always bet £10 to get free spins I have contacted William hill about this and they have said it is randomly generated I must be the unluckiest man in the world to have won so many times and every time if I claim it cost me money in wagering has any one ever won anything free on this promotion


Did you bet the £10 ? I'm asking because it is possible they may be winning on average from people who do.
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I've played the William Hill bonus drop for around a year. Probably on average 4 days a week, so ~200 times.

I've had 198 losses.

2 free spins:

1st free spin I won 2p

2nd free spin I got nothing.

It's an absolute joke. WH need to redesign the artwork to show 198 crosses and 2 free spin icons at the bottom of the page. It's misleading to suggest your token has a better than 50% chance of getting something!


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Welcome Steve.

And thanks for the info.

This promo sounds frustrating.
ive been a member of williamhill for 2 years.ive been doing prize drop for one year and i get prize everytime.i mostly allways get free 5 spins 10p spins on things and win between 50p or three or four quid. but once i got ten free 50p spins and won £69. also only two days ago i got ten 25p spins on williamhill cas spins and got 47×25p.and few quid on remaining spins totaling £14 75p..ive had rougthly £140 odd pounds over a year..its been very kind too me..there is one box with cash prize the disk can land in but it never has..
ive deposited about £1000pounds onto sports betting over a year mainly football.and ive won about £2614 back.£ thats £1614 profit..the football teams i back consistantly are molde. kawasaki. salzburg.red star belgrade. ham kam. ajax. besiktas. benfica. bayern munich men and woman. and more of the same calibure..my strike rate is 90%. single bets mainly. straight win. or 2.5 goals in game. and the odd double. and score in first 15 minutes at 4/1. or 30 minutes at 5/2.
im not a big price gambler but my small bets get double back 90% of the time and it pays my gass and electricity bills which is about a grand a year...im well hapy with that..stick with football and some of the teams ive mentioned and singles and you cant go wrong.put ten singles on and you will allways get seven right out off ten minimum. normally eight or nine right.. dont accumulate them all though as you allways get one or two mess it up..dont play a team playing another good team tho either as it can go either way..few other good teams are sheriff tiraspoll. shakhtar donetsk. porto. young boys. patrick thistle. .and allways check the top scorers are in your team before they play and arnt out injured or suspended. example bayern munich top scorer robert lewanski.
anyway i wish everyone good fortune.. other teams are al ahly. all sadd.are exellent too.check them out..youll see. but remember to stick to what ive mentioned and you shoulb be winning more than losing. and with the teams ive mentione they are all good for the bet score both halves at normally evens money. good luck everybody and i hope you win more than lose. take care and godbless and stay safe and play safe.
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