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Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone had any information regarding stag8?

My understanding is they are a brokerage /api access brokerage but i can't find any reviews etc. about them and being based in the uk my access appears to be restricted.

Any info would be much appreciated


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Looks very similar to the access restricted Page when you try to access ibcbet. If you're access is restricted and you're UK based I would probably advise against using a VPN to try and access it. What would you want to use a broker for?? Access to Pinnacle / SBO?


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hi guys, i've been hardcore user its a nice web to bet for asian hdp,they provide all major site in asian..easy to us to find better odds,im getting this from my asian friend as well, but the problem u might have to check ur ip adress. sometimes is blocked.u must need vpn to access it,
hopefully my info can help you and answer ur question