problem with Bet 365


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Sep 18, 2013
Good afternoon. I would like to make complain to BET365. They blocked my account and ask for more verification after i start making withdrawals. But from the very beginning my account were verified for 100% and i made withdrawals before. They ask me to make photos where i am holding my passport and to make the same with another document which will prove my identity. This document should be certified by doctor send them to e-mail and to their postal mail. First i send them to e-mail my documents,after i receive a message from them that this documents suit to them and they are ok. As i was insured that documents are good i send them by post office. After receiving they promise to unblock my account. When they receive them they took too long time to review them, at the end they told that they dont like this documents and now they need this documents certified by someone else,for example notaries.
I provide they my passport, an military ticket issued by government, also made photos with this documents in from of my face. The doctor proved that the copies is identity to original and stamp it (exactly how BET365 ask). So i think i made all conditions and i have right to ask to unblock my account.


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Nov 15, 2012
How many accounts do you have with Bet365?

I've counted 4 accounts that you opened with Bookmakers Review in the last two weeks, two of which are still blocked as you never clicked on the validation link, suggesting you used a fake email or that you don't check your emails that often.

If that is an indication of how you operate your betting accounts, I believe Bet365 have valid reasons to ask for extra documents from you.

Other than that, as newBMR has explained you in private, Bookmakers Review does not get involved in this type of complaints when players cannot or don't want to provide the documents requested by the bookmakers to authorize the payments.

This is clearly stated on the complaints page: <em>"...Furthermore we cannot assist anyone that doesn't have or cannot provide the documents the online bookmakers require to authorize payments."</em>

We will inform Bet365 that you posted the complaint, but we will not investigate the case.