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Feb 7, 2017
Hello Guys

I really could be doing with some advice here before I issue an actual complaint form.

I will summarise as brief as I can. I First admit that i am a problem gambler and was gamble free for 3 years but active again and i no i must help myself.

Anyone i would consider to be down around 30k since i returned gambling 4 years ago. paddy power would be my main bookmaker for the sports i back.

Anyway i have had multiple self exclusion forms filled out i have still got some bets on and paddypower have admitted this they say i am responsible which i hold my hand up fully as if i won i expected to be paid.

I came across a case in 2012 that paddy power conist fiscated winnings well heres my tale. i would alos have got other people to place my bets agin mostly loosers an odd winner. i got a friend to place a bet at Christmas and the last selection was man utd to qualify for efl cup final which they did. my friend went in to collect and after along delay no payment he rang head office and they said i was barred and should not be betting .

i went to paddy power head office with my list of loosing bets just this year with same handwriting other people placed. i said i dident even place bet which i dident and after a meeting around hour manager said he would be in touch to see why bet wasent settled one week later they haven't responded it is around 1.5 k


Nov 20, 2012
Sorry,Larmister,this is going to sound mean,but do you really expect a quick response when you self-exclude and then try to find a way around the self-exclusion ? You are creating extra work for Paddy Power,being a nuisance to them- no wonder they don't want to be helpful.


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May 21, 2013
Placing bets with a bookmaker from whom you have previously self-excluded (no matter how you go about it) is a road to nowhere. If you win, you are always likely to run into the sort of problems you've outlined above. My guess is that if you keep chasing Paddy Power over this, then they might eventually void the bet and refund your stake, but the chances of you receiving your winnings are zero I'm afraid.