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martin heinz

martin heinz

May 26, 2014
I self ex over a year ago but recently managed to open account with pp again..all same details apart from used middle name instead of christian name..adress email everythin else same..eventually they spoted it and closed but not until i lost £900.havin seen case on here where they kept winnings and said that with 3 people they refunded loses i asked for refund they have said no...advive please ?



May 13, 2014
martin heinz said:
<p>Is there anybody on this site or is it defunct ?</p>

I am not one of the site admins ... however I needed 9 Skrill points yesterday just to get something from them, so I opened a new account with Paddy Power, same details but apparently last time I registered with them I registered under an old address .... I made a deposit of £10 and even placed a bet with it but immediately contacted them after doing that ... again, my only purpose was to get Skrill points against this deposit.

Here is a copy of the chat I had with them yesterday, and I did receive my deposit back and they did cancel the bet I assume, I haven't even checked if it was a winning bet or not:

Live Chat
Status: Connected
Agnelo (Listening)
Agnelo Hi, my name is Agnelo. How may I help you?
You My username is xxxxxxxx
Agnelo Hello xxxx
You I am not too sure if I remember correctly but did I have a self-excluded account with you in the past?
Agnelo Now before I proceed with your query, can you provide me with the answers to your Security Questions on your account please?
Agnelo Your favourite superhero?
You Asterix
Agnelo Could you confirm your email address please?
Agnelo Thank you
Agnelo Yes thats correct under indeed however the address is different
Agnelo Your account has been closed under the permanent option also known as the responsible gaming closure by our customer Security Team due to the fact that this account was found to be related to another account that was closed under the responsible gaming closure option.
You Are you referring to the xxxxxxxx account?
Agnelo No your first account under xxxxxxxxxxxxx
You Ok
You Okay, so what about the account I was just able to open?
Agnelo Yes under a new address however this has been checked and closed under the Responsible Gaming Closure: Means permanent closure, your account cannot be re-opened again. Also, any other accounts you open with us will be closed as soon as it is found.
You Okay, what about the deposit of £10 that I made into that account using Skrill? I also managed to place a bet - will this bet be cancelled, how does it work exactly?
Agnelo this will be cancelled and the the funds will show up as a voided transaction
You Can you elaborate on "the funds will show up as a voided transaction"
You I used Skrill to deposit
Agnelo I know and that will should show back in your account with them within 24 hours
Agnelo Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by this matter
Agnelo Is there anything else I can help you with?
You That's fine, so basically that transaction will be refunded by you within 24 hours, correct?
Agnelo Yes indeed
Agnelo Do you require any further assistance?
You Okay
You Yes, last thing please
You How can I get a copy of this chat transcript please?
Agnelo this will be emailed to you once the chat session has been terminated also the chat ref 140528-000383
You Okay...
You Thanks for your help
You Have a good day.
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Oct 21, 2014
Hi I self excluded myself nit that I remembered in 2010 but opened an account Monday with 800 pound deposite lost it, then came off 10 mins later went back on deposited 600 won 5000 came off think great that will sort that debt out, went to log back on to cash out it was blocked. I rang them up and they said yer we blocked ur account because ur self excluded urself in 2010 ur not aloud to open an account, I replied I was unaware I self excluded me plus u let me open an account lose 800 say nothing then win and u shut my account and ur only willing to refund my deposites that's out of order if i lost the next 600 pounds u would not have refunded my deposites there reply was that's our policy to refund deposits not any winings
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