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  • Is 10Bet Orange list material?

    We recently downgraded 10Bet, which re-entered the Orange list after being removed from it in June 2011.

    Not everyone agrees that 10Bet should be in the Orange list, so we invite all players that have had recent experiences (last 12 months) to report them (we are not interested in what happened years ago, unless the issue is still outstanding).

  • I can't speak about bonus, but my first withdrawal in years has gone smoothly, just one day from the customary request of id and bills.


    • 10bet unfair management of bonus

      A player signed up with 10bet and asked for the 50% bonus as he deposited 400$ leaving the balance on 10bet with 600$. This got attached a 8 times rollover being 100$ the max amount that would count through rollover purposes. This means a player must always make 48 bets of 100$ at least to get the right to withdraw money from the account. Nothing new here as we are used to sick conditions of rollover managment, but bets in Asian Handicap and Overs/Unders do not count, which are the softer lines on 10bet. You have 90 days to complete the rollover and so this player tried to do it. His balance got over 1500$ as his first bets were winnings and then started to make bets on MLB of 20$ as he was limited to this number. I repeat: this player was limited to a figure of 20$ per bet before he could complete the rollover of his bonus. After a few days of betting on every MLB game, he spoke with live chat asking how much rollover was left and David from live chat said his bonus was removed as his winnings from it (200$ plus 341.89$) because of shared computer with other players from 10bet. The player said he was using a cyber cafe PC as he don't own a machine of his but the decision from 10bet was not changed.
      Although stated on the rules "no bonus for shared IP address", there was a unfair called by 10bet to limit this player before he could complete the rollover. This sportsbook has consistently limited players and is very sensitive to bonus abusers. Although not the case, this player was unlucky to use a computer which was already used by someone else for the same matter.
      It is my view, as a professional sportsbetting researcher, this is a very dangerous sportsbook, which can lead you to spent uncountable days betting small amounts of money just to get your ticket to payout. Surely not deserving the rate on SBR and BMR, this should be on the orange or red list.
      Thank you!


      • @jocasimo

        As a sports betting researcher, you should know that "I was using a cyber cafe PC" is a common excuse used by bonus abusers and not a very smart one.

        I've written tens of articles over the years criticizing 10bet, but in the case you mentioned, I think 10bet simply applied its rules, although they should have blocked the account right away if they knew it was linked to other accounts.

        I must also add for the umpteenth time that 2.5 is not a good rating.


        • I just noticed a gem in your description of this "player" complaint.

          Apparently he doesn't own a computer but he has $400 to open a betting account. Do you people think bookmakers are idiots?


          • The player submitted a complaint through the form on BMR and while is unlikely we'll pursue it, 10bet needs to explain why they waited to confiscate the winnings from the bonus if they knew the account was linked to other betting accounts.

            What would have happened if the player had lost the deposit?


            • After a long search on the web and after reading a lot of opinions (mostly negative) on various forums i ve decided to register an account with 10bet and received a bonus they offer to new accounts.
              Since i am not a bonus abuser or arber i didnt considerate the bad reviews.

              I ve placed a couple of bets and everything was smooth.
              Well at first i had bad luck on live markets and i ve lost all my first deposit and the only few $ left on my account was bonus money.
              Well with the bonus money after a couple days i ve reached 900 euros.
              Live markets only.
              Last Saturday morning i ve placed some bets on australian-korean markets and after a couple of hours i ve logged in to my account in order to place a bet on wimblendon but my balance was 000....
              I ve asked whats going wrong and the accused me of sharing my ip with another account and i had violated their terms.
              I can post screenshots of my routers ip(s) and i can prove all that i am saying. When i asked about evidence they keep telling me that my ip was linked with another account and nothing more.
              They simple didnt want to risk loosing money to a new account.
              Being accused to something that i didnt do makes me furious.
              A rubbish bookmaker....


              • I'm currently travelling but I'd like to look at your case when I get back later this week, please submit a complaint using the form so that I have your details.


                • I didn't get kmoudios player's details so I cannot contact 10Bet.

                  Apparently trashing the bookmaker was more important that try to resolve the complaint. I wonder why.


                  • I didnt submit the complain because finally 10bet decided to give me back my money since they didnt have any evidence.
                    As i said before i was accused of something that i didnt do.
                    They verified my account i was able to withdraw some of my money and i ve already placed some bets.
                    So my story had a happy ending.


                    • That's good news. I wish more players took the time to come back here and give us an update when they finally get paid.


                      • Yes, I can agree to 10bet unfair management of bonus. Myself I am a bonus hunter but not an abuser. So I was attracted not only by the high bonuses but also by the modern web page and the quotes, which seemed to be similar to Pinnacle at least for the German Bundesliga (How could that be - I started to doubt) but I still choosed Mobile Deposit 100 % Bonus and deposited 100 $. It seemed to be a bit tough rollover conditions 8 times 1.6 odds and only 50 $ accounting per bet - so together 32 bets per 50 $ - tough but manageable in 90 days.
                        Than something unforeseeable happened after I placed my bet. To my surprise I was rewarded a micro 16,67 $ mobile-what-ever-Bonus. Concerned I remembered the bonus conditions : "7 . The maximum amount that is counted for our rollover requirement on each bet is 50% of the bonus award. " O -My -God ! - They put this rollover task on top of the welcome bonus rollover, so my next 8 wagers only count 50% of 16,67 $ to the rollover condition.
                        I tried to get rid of the 16,67 $ with a 78 odds, but I think it doesn’t help. My initial deposit got lost, so now there is only the 100 $ bonus cash. I consider it as "unwithdrawble" and wish 10bet removed to the red listed bookmakers (at least orange).


                        • P.S.: The evil think is the "Try 10Bet Mobile, get €10 Free." which they award You if You want or not and "The bonus must be rolled over five times on odds of at least 1.60" so this goes on top of the welcome bonus 32 rollover bets per 50 $ and slows You down more. I consider it practically impossible to withdraw any winnings once You accepted the Welcome bonus on a mobile device...


                          • I bet today on some soccer LIVE,resultat was 2-0 before end of 1.half,i check little odds: 12bet 2,06/188bet 2,04...then 10bet 2,00,where i have bigger money on accaunt,ok i bet here.

                            First i wait some 30 secund like always that bet was accepted,when i see green i go check how are odds now. After 20-30 secund after accepted bet on 10bet fold a goal on 3-0! Then i see after start of 2.half,that they VOID my bet!! I recive mail where was that reasone:

                            Please note that your bet # ******** has been cancelled due to a typing mistake.

                            Please bear in mind that according to our rules:

                            "10Bet does not accept any responsibility for typing, human or palpable errors, which lead to obvious price errors. In such cases all bets will be deemed void."

                            I was this time already in chat,where same persone wich send me my mail,ask betting support,and recive OTHER answer:

                            I have just been provided with the information that your bet has been placed on goal
                            and that is why it has been cancelled
                            it was mistakenly accepted by the system at first

                            Ja right....first TYPING MISTAKE,WICH WAS NOT,AWAY FROM THAT....then was gild SYSTEM AND HIS MISTAKE BY ACCEPTTAION OF BET!!!!!!

                            In same category like BWIN is this 10bet....THIEVES of winning bets!


                            • I agree, DO NOT BET @ 10bet!
                              They are fooling customers.
                              - Their bonus requirements are completely fooling! Their aim seems to be: Nobody should ever get the bonus!
                              - They change their odds, while you bet and propose you lower odds.
                              - Their live betting system is f.....g slow! You nearly never get the odds you see. You try and try and cannot place a bet.

                              All in all they seem to try to offer NO benefits for the customers AT ALL!


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