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  • Kean
    started a topic Can anyone please rate Marathonbet?

    Can anyone please rate Marathonbet?


    I just read some other user's post referring live bet issue and I just hesitated before being a member. You know only few bookies accept Turkish citizens and Marathon is one of them as they offer asian Handicaps what I'm looking for. They didnt ask for documents at the beginning (ID , Ccard etc.) and I deposited money from my Neteller account. I'll share my experiences in near future . Before that I want to know if anybody uses the bookie , if yes , had there been any problems during payment ?

    thanks a lot.

  • Sagalov123
    I've never worked with it and don't recommend to you. Now OLIMP.COM offers very good conditions available to each player, a great line of betting, instant money's transfering, I like it.

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  • Manoharanki
    They are cheater,
    Today they eat my 850EUR profit.
    They void my all won bets.

    Totally fraud website.

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  • antonziller
    after a few bets won, i was limited to 1,- Euro stake an all bets.
    that was than my betting there.

    scam bookmaker

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  • vladi
    Just want to say that i have never seen a bookmaker hold my money and do not want to pay. I wanted them to settle my bet and for a day now they do not.They do not give me any information about why the bet is no settled. The profit of the bet is about 150 eur.

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  • mrdocu2015
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  • t.rex
    I've been using this bookmaker for few years.
    Couple of days ago, on 30/07/15, I got an email from them they are closing operations on Irish market so they will not anymore accept new registrations from Ireland, nor deposits or bets from Irish residents starting 01/08/15.
    Ok, their decision.
    Then, the following day, on 31/07 I tried to login into my account and couldn't do it - an error message popped up informing me my account has been closed (??).
    No idea why they've done that. What was more unpleasant was that I even had an open bet with them (my balance was 0).
    I dropped them an email asking why my account was closed but they didn't bother answering.
    Funny that in the email I got from them about retiring from Ireland is that said they will keep your account open so you can login, withdraw your balance within 90 days etc.
    In regards to withdrawing money from my account, I always got them (I don't think I withdrew more than 5 times though), but they try to make it hard for you... every time they asked me to submit proof of id, address etc. which I found frustrating.
    Withdrawal was extremely slow, i remember it took 3 (three) weeks once! I withdrew to my bank account.
    Generally, I had a feeling of insecurity with this bookie.
    Like they can always abuse your account and that you cannot do anything about it.
    Which eventually happened when they closed my account for no reason.
    Their odds are very good, very good selection as well, but what the use of it if they are cowboys...
    Make what you like of this and good luck with your bets.

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  • Rownts
    As many have said already, purely a recreational bookmaker. I opened an account, & all was fine that first day. On the second day, I was struggling to place a bet for over £10. Even betting odds-on markets limited Marathon bets liability to £10-£15. Absolutely pointless to continue using them from my point of view.

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  • egdi69
    I have cashed more than 20.000$ there and even they try to make it hard for me I got my money.now 8 am strying away do t want to give them myour money back.they have good odad's the best I can say fair limits.etc

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  • rodrigotoma
    Originally posted by pier0

    I believe that even if Neteller had shared information with Marathonbet, they would not necessarily admit it.

    Marathonbet is currently Under Review and your case, if valid, could certainly influence their initial rating.

    Would you like BMR to contact Marathonbet on your behalf?

    Hi pier0, could you help me too??
    Im with the same problem!! my user in marathonbet is rodrigotoma@gmail.com

    Thank you very much.

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  • Trevrizent
    MarathonBet.co.uk odds on UK horse racing are quite attractive and they have a really good range of markets. The problem, as Mikepcon says, is that their limits are extremely low (even before you place a bet, let alone back a winner). Strictly for recreational players only in my view.

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  • Mikepcon
    I've found them ok to bet with, but as soon as you back a couple of winners you'll be limitted to pennies.

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  • G-Man
    I am at a loss to why they would limit you to €1, as I would have thought it is hardly worth them administering the bet for such a low amount.

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  • Kean
    That might be right but I'm still unsatisfied with the situation they created. What you say is reality but this is supposed to change. If sb has a %20 yield with a 20k bankroll you have to deal with it as a bookie since there are also lots of players round placing over 40k on a single game that can meke profit more than %20 of 20k in 90 minutes. If you are going to limit people in one or two months then this means you have really low amount of rookie customers so that you cant decrease your losses in short periods. Whatever , I dislike this treatment , wtf is 1€ limitation , just send the money and close the account , it would have been more clear than any other action.

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  • G-Man
    @kean - you say stay away but you were so happy with them until they cut your limits. I guess you mean you should make hay while the sun shines with Marathonbet. Most bookies limit sharp players and close accounts with ease. You follow sharp pros, there will be only a handful of online sports books that would let you continue winning.

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