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Oct 16, 2013
Hello Friends.

I have registered at BMR, looking in the web looking for some website that helps me, or at least to share the bad experience in this website, and warning you of register in that scam site.

Here is my case:

1) I am Dennis Caicedo an opened an account in at 28/september/2013, using the link, in the offer 100% up to$ 200 Deposit Bonus.

2) I deposited $170 using NETELLER, with ID transaction: 233380407XXXXXX.

3) I received a bonus of $170 and my balance was $340.

4) I bet in several selections of diferent makerts during several days, and I met the wagering requirement of the offer.

5) The submenu ACTIVE OFFERS in the website, shows that I have met 100% of the wagering requirement.

6) I requested a withdrawal about 1540usd.

7) After a couple of days, uwin returned the money to my balance and asked me for PERSONAL VERIFICATION and ADDRESS VERIFICATION.

8) I sent to uwin, all the documents that they asked me for.

9) Uwin answered me: Dear Dennis,

Thank you for your patience.

I would like to inform you that we have approved your documents successfully.

You can now apply for your withdraw at your own convenience.

Thank you for your cooperation and good luck at!



Customer Care “

10) I request a new withdrawal about 1540usd.

11) I can not log in in my account anymore, and I never received the payment.

I was rereading the Terms and Conditions of the website, and I am sure that I have not break any of them.

- I registered using my personal computer and I live with my girlfriend, so a UWIN`S ACCOUNT has never created from my PC. So the IP address, household address, and telephone number has been used ONLY to create my account.

- I never created a UWIN account in the past.

- The neteller account from which I deposited is PERSONAL. My ID Account is: 4519240XXXX.

- I made simple bets in principal sports like football. I did not use any kind of system of bets.

Uwin company with lack of ethics has stolen my money. Since I signed up, I`ve satisfied all the Terms And Conditions of the website and all rules of the offer that I received. I did everything that uwin asked me.

However Uwin with insolence, arbitrariness and abuse, has stolen the money that I deposited and the profit that I obtained in the website, for no reason. Maybe is because I am latin (from Colombia and not from UK ) and I am black.

Best regards.


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Nov 15, 2012
I'm very sorry to hear about your story, but Youwin has been in the Red list for almost 2 years.

If you check <a href="">Youwin review </a>page, you can see their ratings history, current rating (1) and the reason why they are low-rated: confiscation of player deposits.

You need to report them to Neteller and keep us informed.


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Oct 16, 2013
Thanks for your answer.

I don`t understand how could this websites keep online. The police nor the online fraud department of a country don´t do nothing.

I sent a complaint to LGA (Lotteries and gaming Authority) but they never answer me nothing.

This is a business with a regulatory mecanism ABSURD. The most of cases the commission never take care of the complaints, and when they do it, always favor to the sportsbook/casino because they always include in his TERMS that " COMPANY reserves the right to close your account at its own discretion"......

So the house always wins. That is a bullshit business.

Anyway, can I report to neteller? Only to inform about his cheater merchant?



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Nov 15, 2012
If you deposited the money on Youwin/Uwin via Neteller and the bookmaker confiscated your deposit you must inform Neteller.

There is no reason why Youwin should confiscate player deposits and get away with it, but players need to report these cases to the payment providers so that they can investigate.


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Mar 10, 2014
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