With 3 Games in, We can now call the NY JETS the worst team in the NFL

How bad is this team?? WOW

They just can't get things going. The blame goes all the way up the JETS organization
This kid Wilson is being thrown into the fire, with no help, and looks like no plan.
They did the same thing with Darnold, and look what's he's doing now that he is with the right players around him.

and what's with Mimms? IMHO I think he's probably the best receiver on the team and they keep him out.

Mark my words, bump this thread in a year or two, and see if I'm right or not.

Denzel Mims will be a top receiver if the JETS don't screw him up
LOL, talk about a "post it and jinx it" thread :D
Yeah, right?

maybe I should do that every week and bet the other side