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May 17, 2015
Hey guys, im playing at whitebet for a week now and i never experienced so many technical problems. Everyday there seems to be something going on. Sometimes you can't place a bet at all. You keep getting the message 'invalid bet item', sometimes it says 'your balance is insufficient' while you have enough money on your account. Sometimes it takes hours to get a bet settled, if you don't contact them it stays pending. And today the livebetting section hasn't worked at all. They offer all the matches in the livebetting, but everything is frozen, all the odds are locked! It's been like this the whole day.
When i checked BR i was shocked, i noticed they have a rating of 3? How can this bookie have such a high rating if they experience all those difficulties day in day out??? They don't even offer their customers a compensation, no apologies,... nothing! To be honest i think their rating should be lowered, so customers don't get fooled.