What Happened to the Massive UK Lotto Jackpots?


Mar 23, 2018
January 30 saw a ‘Must-Be-Won’ UK Lotto draw. The jackpot was £12.9m but the evening ended with just one millionaire being created. One ticket holder won £1.38m but they must be so frustrated It wasn’t a lot more.
Last year saw more changes being made to the UK Lotto draw and some of the new rules haven’t gone down too well with players. It used to be that each draw would guarantee new lottery millionaires thanks to the Raffle. Match a code and you become a millionaire, but those days have come to an end.

To win £1m now, you need to match five main balls and the Bonus Ball. That doesn’t happen in every draw though so the days of guaranteed millionaires being created are over.
Also disappearing are the massive jackpots such as the £66m that was up for grabs in 2016. Even a recent ‘Superdraw’ only had a £15m jackpot. The rules used to state that there would only be a ‘Must-Be-Won’ draw after ten rollovers. Now it’s only five and that’s what happened on Wednesday evening.

However, the rules for such draws have also been changed. Previously, if no ticket managed to match the six main balls, the top prize rolled down to the next highest tier that had a winner. A massive jackpot could be won for just matching the five main balls and the Bonus Ball.

Now, the jackpot rolls down to the next four tiers at varying percentages. That meant the ticket that matched the most balls last night only won £1.38m, just £0.38m extra than the usual amount that’d been won.

The ‘big’ winners were those who matched three balls. They each won £138 rather than £30. Is the UK Lotto about winning £138? Over £12m was won by tickets matching three balls, nearly £10m higher than the last draw. But surely the lottery should be about winning massive prizes?


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Nov 20, 2012
They probably reckoned they'd overdone the rollovers and went too far the other way.I'm sure they'll sort it out eventually.