Time to fight back


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Nov 19, 2015
Ok people, this is my first forum post here.
No idea if I'm in the right place but I have had enough of the bookies closing accounts.
Here's a little about me:-
I bet every day and have for over 25 years, bets range from £20 to £1500.
I shop for early prices and understand the game.
I have had my accounts closed with almost every uk bookmaker.
I often had won maybe 5k, sometimes 10k over a few weeks.
After having my recent corals account closed I decided enough is enough.
Time to fight back.
A recent bbc article explained some bookmakers close winning accounts, the general opinion from people was how? Surely that is descrimination?
The article went on to explain in Australia the law says book makers must take bets from everyone, not just losing accounts.
Anyway enough waffle.
I want to take this point up, I want everyone to write to their MP to take this matter up in parliament.
I want other ideas and people on board.
What else can we do?
We don't need to take this crap from uk bookies.
Come on people what we going to do??