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Some 18 months ago I deposited $500 into ( via bitcoin. I then proceeded, over a number of bets, to increase my balance to $8700 and requested a payout. Maximum was $500 at a time. After a bit of back and forth with the customer service, I received the requested $500.

Shortly after receiving my first withdrawal, I was informed that I wasn't allowed to place any more bets. I attempted to withdraw more cash, but I never did get any other than the initial $500. Then I was no longer able to log into my account. Going to customer support usually ended with them saying something like "we'll consult the management and get back in touch with you" and afterwards they would just close the support ticket.

I then came to SBR. I was communicating with Matt over email, and, initially he had no luck getting them to pay out. On several occasions he mentioned that they are unwilling to discuss my case. Because of that they suffered a downgrade on the SBR's rating system. My case was even mentioned in one of their industry news videos. Months passed by, and I'd receive an update from Matt from time to time that nothing has really changed.

Suddenly, some time in Feb this year, was given an upgrade on the ratings with SBR claiming they had opened a line of communication with the sportsbook. After that, I received no meaningful information from SBR staff regarding my situation or their relation to the sportsbook. Eventually they stopped responding to my emails. I wanted to turn to SBR's forum and tell my story, however my post was deleted and account suspended (I made a 2nd account as I wanted to keep my bitcoin dealings separate, that seemed to be against SBR's T&C). I tried explaining the situation over email and asked to be allowed to have an account, but my requests fell on deaf ears.

I have very much written the money off as apart from me showing up physically in their offices, I doubt anything else would be effective. Anyway, I thought I'd share my experience with dealing with and sbr with another gambling community.

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Try sharing it elsewhere - on other betting forums - if you don't get a reply.NewBMR - is there any answer from SBR ?


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I've had Raiders from Peep's Place (he runs a bookmakers' ratings thread over at bitcointalk) try to contact them on my behalf, they wouldn't have it.

Honestly, I have no ideas where to go to next. Any suggestions?