Report on scam


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Oct 12, 2015
Hello everyone, i'm really not happy to have to post here bure i have to tell my story to prevent others to live the same thing.

I registered on 1xbet and depose small amounts. I lost some of my deposits but made small withdraw to test the website cause i was aware that it has been reported as a scam here.

I was paid for those small amounts.

But after i won like 700€ and there, no withdraw was possible and the CC gave me bullshit reason to explain the situation.

Now i made a complaint to SBR and wait to see what happened but i'm so disgust by that so please dont play on that website cause they just dont pay if you win and that's a problem.

Really i'm not a big gambler and i don't have a lot of money so this was a lot to me and right now it's a very bad time from me.

I should have listened to the community


Nov 20, 2012
Thanks for contributing ! A warning sign here was that 1xbet's odds are just a bit too keen - they offer top odds for the home for a large number of games in the Premier League,for example.