pointcasino seize me over 2000 euros on winnings


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Dec 13, 2013
I wanted to tell my sad story in pointcasino.com

I on December 3, opened an account and deposited 200 euros ..
I received the welcome bonus of 100% with a roll of 4000 euros

I started to place bets and I performed over 25 bets until last night I cheated by placing my bet and immediately sent email to support explaining the situation and asking me to cancel the bet or not to tell rollovers .. . was a bet of 25 euros with a profit of 46 euros ..

Today I get an email from support saying that they confiscated the bonus plus the winnings leaving me only the value of my deposit ... I was on my balance 2209 euros ...

I explained in the email that was my mistake when choosing the game because half an hour ago had bet on that game and the game had not even started ..

they said they could do nothing because otherwise other players would ask for the same ...

its corrrect this kind of behavior?

thank you


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Aug 22, 2013
They're the only site to confiscate funds from me. My circumstances were similar as were that of many other people on other forums at the time. I'd advise everybody stay away from them and all sister sites. Good luck getting your money back but honestly I wouldn't be too hopeful.