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Published news from Jessie Balmert: Cincinnati Enquirer​

Ohio Senate passes bill to legalize sports betting in Ohio

"COLUMBUS – Lawmakers in the Ohio Senate passed a bill to legalize sports betting in Ohio following a last-minute overhaul.

Senate Bill 176, which passed in a 30-2 vote, would legalize sports betting in Ohio, allowing residents to place bets on the outcome of the Cincinnati Bengals or Ohio State University Buckeyes' games. A 2018 U.S. Supreme Court decision allowed states to set up their own rules, and in the years since most of Ohio's neighbors have.

But the proposed legislation goes further, expanding gambling in a state that, for years, fought against adding casinos.

The bill got a substantial makeover Tuesday, increasing the number of licenses offered, giving preferential treatment to professional sports teams in Ohio, and adding a new license option for bars while limiting their kiosks to two per location. "


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Would have thought Ohio might be one of the last to do it.

I have a friend who will be happy about this.