normal self exclusion practice?



Jun 21, 2014
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michala: hi
Ryan: Hi there michala
Ryan: My name is Ryan
Ryan: How may I assist you today?
michala: i just thought i shud let u know that none of ur links on the responsible gambling page work
Ryan: Okay, thanks a lot for this. I would be able to escalate this forward
Ryan: What limits would you like to set?
Ryan: We can do this for you from our side
michala: oh sry my mistake
michala: the "recover password" links works fine
michala: but the rest are out of service
Ryan: Okay thanks, we will have a look into this
Ryan: Appreciate the feedback
michala: i wud like to self exclude for 5 years plse
Ryan: What deposit limits would you like to set?
michala: none
michala: i wouldnt deposit another pound with this "SCAM SITE"
Ryan: Okay may i kindly ask as to why you wish to self exclude?
michala: and ive only deposited £10 so far
michala: no u may not
michala: just proceed accordingly plse
Ryan: I'm sorry you feel this way, but i can assure you that we have not a scam site at all. And have all the certification necessary to prove it.
Ryan: I would need to request the reason, as we would have to update this to our records

michala: that isnt even proper english
Ryan: Sorry
michala: so are u saying that u cant let me self exclude?
Ryan: Could you confirm the reason please?
Ryan: You would be able to self exclude
Ryan: We would just need a reason for the record
Ryan: Probably as to why you may think we are SCAM?
michala: if u wish to persist with this line then thats fine
michala: but im giving u every opportunity to retract what u have previously said
michala: i simply want to self exclude for 5 years
michala: last chance

The acct was immediately closed as requested.
I had previously read damning threads regarding this operation but was dubious as to the motives so needed to experience it for myself and £10 seemed a small price to pay (via paysafe might i add).
It seems to me that the more experience i have dealing with online bookies, the more it feels the same. The bigger companies have more "chat" staff but the overall conclusion leads to the same result...passive aggressive personnel who think they know more than the customer, and that they seem to act in a way that suggests that they have no fear in regards to any possible negative consequences of their comments or actions.

Is it just me? i am trying to remain open minded coz im aware that my personality leaves a lot to be desired