New York’s Madison Square Garden to have sports betting soon

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Mar 21, 2018
The iconic Madison Square Garden in New York will soon host sports betting, which is expected to be emblematic of the rapid growth of sports betting in the USA.

Madison Square Garden Company (MSG) has filed a trademark application for sports betting purposes. The company intends to use its brand across online, mobile and social media.

The company plans to not just launch sports wagering and associated functionalities, but also get involved with fantasy sports, which is why the filing also covers contests, managing and participating in related leagues and the provision of sports and esports programming, news and other types of information. Furthermore, gaming related social media content will also be trademarked under the filed request.

Even if they get their request approved, NY has yet to legalise sports betting. However, it’s expected that the state steps forward soon and enters the fast-growing market.


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Jun 4, 2016
"gaming related social media content will also be trademarked " <-- I wonder what that means exactly.

Copyright I could understand, but how do you register a trade mark for changing content