Japan's baseball star Shohei Ohtani

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Ohtani is a rare example in baseball of a top class all-rounder. Able to both bat and pitch, he's called a two-wayer.

Here are some highlights:
  • Ohtani is only the third player in history to get two pitching wins and three home runs in the first 10 games for his team
  • Pitching his second game, he forced 12 strikeouts, equalling an American League record for a pitcher in one of his first two games
  • He is only the third player ever to hit a home run in three consecutive games and pitch a game with more than 10 strikeouts in the same season.


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Will the MLB allow him to do both?

So much money is invested they usually like to assign a player to one role.

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MLB will do that ..they need to grow their business. The current model for MLB is old and stale. With every more popular faster sports like on the scene yearly , MLB is a dinosaur with its 4 hour games and stoppages of time. This kid has breathed a new breath into an old outdated sport.

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Ohtani has strictly been and will probably continue to be a Designated Hitter when not pitching, not forcing him to play the field is one way to lessen his exposure to injury.