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Hello, I have deposited and bet in the bookmakers IBETUP. When it came time for withdrawing, I sent the required documents. However they claimed they had sent me a letter with a code. I am waiting more than 20 days for this letter. Nothing comes. It`s the same address on my ID and registered in the site. I am checking the mail. Nothing comes. Well, for that ime it would have come from Alaska... SO I am having concerns...

I am not sure whether they really sent any letter. This might be a cheating game, reason for not paying. Last time I wrote to them and they didnt answer at all.

What can I do? Please, help me...I have about 400 euros there..

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BMR would like to assist in clearing this up.
Please email disputes@bookmakersreview.com with your account number, full name and a detailed description of the issue, and we will contact them on your behalf to try and resolve the situation.


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Oh, Here I found the same situation.

Hello, I am waiting this fucking letter for 2 months. I have 500 euros in Ibetup.com. The paradoxe is that I had one successfull withdrawal. On the second one I was required to tell a code from a letter. But this letter isnt coming at all. I have verified my account and everything. I sent Id, bills, shots etc.
Here is a little bit from our correspondence.. Letter from 9th ofNovember:

Dear Slavi ,

The time that our post office told us that it could take it was from 5 to 7 working days.

We can only go by what they say , let’s wait a little bit more.

Best Regards ,

Ibetup Team

From: Slavi Meshkov
Sent: Monday, November 09, 2015 6:18 AM
To: info@ibetup.pt
Subject: Letter

Hello, what is going on with that letter. I am checking my mail every day- no letter. How much time is needed for it?

Letter from 26 th of November :

Dear Slavi,

Can you please send your complete/full address so i can check if we send the letter to the right address.

Use this format please:


I have another letters from December and finally they stopped writing me.

This is very cheap cheating scheme- "give me the code from the letter and I will pay you" .. but does this letter exist?

People dont go there. Your verification will take months or...maybe you will not be enough lucky to verify


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Hello, bettors from all countries. I confirm that Ibetup are fucking cheateres. After I waited 3 months for this letter- it finally came. I was so happy ... I sent the code in the letter to them so I can prove my adresss.... NOW they refuse to pay and they just will pay my initial deposit.... hahahaha Here is the e-mail

Dear Customer,

This email is being sent to notify your situation.
After reviewing your address, the iBetUp legal department has been advised not to accept further activities with customers from specific countries, which iBetUp´s gaming license does not cover.

As a valued customer, in order for you to avoid possible legal implications, iBetUp is fully committed to ensure that no losses are incurred by customers located on those specific listed countries. Therefore we are refunding your initial deposit, through the same method you have initially deposited.

In order to comply with EU regulations, we can only refund the amount once our compliance department approves your KYC. Therefore, please send a copy of your passport and proof of address. If you already sent the documentation, please ignore this step.

Thank you and please cooperate in order to solve any outstanding issues.

Best Regards,

iBetUp team

So, I knew it since October- cheaters...

Stay away from here